A downloadable FPS for Windows and macOS

OsTarragon: The Social Network for Secret Agents revitalizes the long overlooked secret agent FPS genre. In a dystopian 2027, a new social network connects the world's freelance spies, shadowy government agencies, and rogue corporations.

Planned Features include:

  • Open-ended gameplay – Choose what missions you want to take
  • Procedurally generated missions – you don't know what to expect around the next corner
  • Permanent mission failure – fail a mission and you're done with it. Move on to the next one!
  • Dozens of weapons – there's plenty to acquire as you progress
  • Deterministic accuracy – there's no randomness in whether each shot will hit or not
  • Character development – earn currency and experience to improve your abilities for future missions
  • Extreme difficulty – every choice matters

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OsTarragon's Very Early Versions (VEV) will be released free. A paid version will become available as development gets closer to conclusion.


OsTarragon VEV 1.8 for Windows 218 MB
OsTarragon VEV 1.8 Mac OS X.zip 222 MB
OsTarragon VEV 1.0 for Windows 218 MB
OsTarragon VEV 1.0 Mac OS X 227 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip the file and run OsTarragon.exe (Windows) or OsTarragon.app (Mac OS X)!